Dedicated Support Team

  • Senior Solution Architects (MBA’s/CPA’s)
  • 100% On Shore Consultants
  • 15+ Years Direct Application Experience
  • Specific Application Knowledge

24 x 7 Support

  • Level of services tailored to your unique needs.
  • Get the support you require, even if outside of normal business hours.
  • Specialized help desk when you need it most.

Totally Customizable

  • You pick the annual hours
  • You can increase hours any time-or-
  • Rollover unused hours to the next year
  • Right level resource for the right issue

Best Rates

  • Adjustable Rates Based on Urgency Level
  • Multi-Year Discounts
  • Additional Value by being Supported By Senior Architects at Team Member Rates Means…
  • Faster Resolution and Thereby Less Hours Used


Annual Help Desk and Administrative Maintenance & Support:

  • Why Settle for Off-Shore or Generic Support Hot Lines made up of Junior And/or Non-Implementation Resources?
  • Why Pay the Same Amount for Hours Used Regardless of the Resource’s Experience?
  • Why Let the Vendor Determine Your Annual Support Needs when You May Need Less Than You Think?
  • When the Year is Up Do You Lose Your Pre-Paid Unused Hours?
  • Are You Currently Dealing with True Business Resources at Your Peer Level? Or Strictly Technicians?

Skehana believes ongoing support and maintenance programs are an important next step after go-live? To keep your EPM solution up to date from a business, best practices, and technical perspective. It is our goal to help protect and maximize your overall EPM investment. We do so by offering a, first of its kind, Help & Support Desk Retainer.

By Utilizing Seasoned EPM Senior Solution Architects as your First Point of Contact when Software or Business issues arise, our clients get the most out of their investment in go-live, Help Desk and administrative support.

Skehana provides the Top Senior Architects who can not only diagnose the problem, but can also recommend best practice design considerations to avoid the issue being repeated month to month.

If a Senior Resource is not required, the Architect will delegate to a lower cost resource thereby saving your Retainer Balance for more important needs.

Skehana offers a carryover of unused hours for re-implementations, redesigns, or software upgrades meaning you never lose a dollar of your investment.


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