Whether you’re a newly implemented client, or have just been through an upgrade or patchwork, your consulting team will stay with you for the life of your solution. He/she will become your personalized “help desk” to help solve any future issues, or enhancement requests for your finance or IT system administrators.

Jeff Wainwright: A New Jersey native of Irish descent, Jeff was a Hyperion client years before joining Hyperion in 1993. As the former Hyperion Vice President of Development for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM), and Hyperion Enterprise, Jeff founded Skehana Systems in 2002 using his 30 years of EPM experience to help clients select and implement the appropriate solution for their consolidation, reporting and planning needs. After HFM revolutionized the CFO’s desktop, Jeff moved into the Hyperion partner community, founded Skehana and still retains the initial founding client 11 years later!

William Escobar: As a Hyperion-certified consultant, Bill has 20+ years of EPM accounting experience specializing in intercompany, currency translation, SEC reporting, budgeting & planning, and financial reporting. He has bast experience in financial statement consolidations and specializes in HFM and FDM. As a past employee of Hyperion and their partners, Bill has participated in over 20 HFM implementations at various domestic and international clients and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Jane Kozuch: Southern California based former, longtime, Hyperion Solutions employee and an HFM Senior Solutions Architect with over 75 implementations at over 150 Hyperion clients. Jane has deep experience in designing, implementing, troubleshooting HFM and is an expert at advanced consolidation logic. She is a past Hyperion Solutions Readiness Manager meaning that many of the original HFM expert consultants in the marketplace today received their initial training from Jane! Clients love her!

Beth Hale: San Francisco-based, past Hyperion Solutions employee, Beth is Skehana’s Director of Emerging Markets. She is an accomplished and integrity-driven Hyperion Enterprise, Hyperion Essbase and MicroStrategy professional offering over 20 years of business success in project management, consulting, and technical training for Business Intelligence applications and financial reporting and analysis tools. Beth manages partner relations and has participated in Tagetik implementations as a Tagetik CPM Application Consultant.

Audrey Wong: Southern California-based and an ex-Hyperion employee as well, Audrey has a 26-year career of designing, developing, and implementing the Hyperion EPM suite of products. She is a HFM and Enterprise expert and has also been the Project Manager for Fortune 100 companies which included implementations of multiple Hyperion/Oracle EPM products and multi-country rollouts. Audrey has participated in Tagetik implementations as a Project Manager and Lead Consultant.

Pete Puskas: Austin, Texas-based, Senior IT/Infrastructure Director who has extensive experience with designing and implementing Hyperion product suites, and a strong technical foundation of hardware, software, networking, security and troubleshooting expertise. Pete has excelled at migrating from pre-System 9 to System 9 and 11.x and System 9.x to versions up to and including 11.1.2.x, and delivers highly customized environments using non-standard technologies.

Steve Steckelberg: Austin Texas-based longtime, Hyperion Solutions employee with over 30 years of consulting on consolidation and planning solutions. Steve has an accounting degree from the University of Missouri so he understands the challenges facing Accounting organizations. Steve has deep experience in designing, implementing, troubleshooting HFM and is an expert at cash flow and foreign currency logic. Steve was trained on the OneStream product in 2016 and has contributed to several OneStream implementations.


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